National Day Speech

İnan Özyıldız 30.10.2012

Today we are proudly celebrating the eighty-ninth anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey and I have the honor and pleasure of welcoming you all on this occasion.

I would like first of all to reiterate our solidarity with the Lebanese people in their struggle to strengthen their independence and sovereignty.

The terrorist attack taking the lives of the Lebanese citizens, including Brigadier General Wissam Hassan and wounding so many people, clearly targeted the stability and security of Lebanon. Nevertheless, the Lebanese society reacted to this subversive action in dignity and solidarity.

We strongly condemned this act. We fully share the sorrow and indignation of the people of Lebanon. We wish God's mercy on those who lost their lives and speedy recovery for those who are wounded.

As always, Turkey will continue standing against every attempt targeting the peace and stability of Lebanon.

It is our firm belief that the people of Lebanon will act in unity and common sense, without giving any chance to provocations and will not let the internal peace to be disturbed in this sensitive period.

We are also convinced that Lebanon will cope with the ensuing political issues within the framework of the constitution, with wisdom and experience.
The Republic of Turkey was founded in 1923 on contemporary values and ideals such as democracy, rule of law and secularism.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of the Republic, had the vision to provide the new Turkish state with solid structures which enabled us to further improve our democracy. In line with this vision, Turkey has always moved towards the attainment of a better democracy and higher standards in every other aspects of life.
Since its inception, the Republic of Turkey has always strived for the creation of a zone of peace, stability and prosperity in its region. Turkey has acted with the firm conviction that democracy is the best guarantee for peace and stability, and the only reference point everywhere in the world.

Turkey and Lebanon share a common past, common culture and a common vision for international as well as for regional affairs. I am particularly glad to note that our bilateral relations in almost all fields are growing at a steady pace. Stability in Lebanon will no doubt provide a better environment for the further enhancement of our relations.

I am happy to remind you that the bilateral trade volume between the two countries has surpassed one point one billion dollars against all odds in the year of 2011 and we have already registered a better performance this year. In this respect, I should spare a well-deserved credit to the relentless efforts of our innovative and enthusiastic business communities for establishing a more structured and broader economic relationship.

I would like to praise the Turkish-Lebanese Business Council members for their continuous work and support.

Early this year, we have opened the Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center in Beirut. We are glad to see the growing interest of the Lebanese people for learning Turkish language and culture. We hope to have two more cultural centers in Tripoli and Saida in the near future and efforts are underway to this end.

As a troop contributing country, we are fully committed to the success of the UNIFIL mission, which is playing a crucial role in ensuring peace and stability in Southern Lebanon and along the Blue Line.

I am particularly proud to have with us tonight the distinguished representatives of our military contingent .

As regards to the nine Lebanese citizens still kept hostage in Syria, Turkey, since the beginning, has deployed and will continue to deploy every possible effort to secure the release of our brothers. We are fully aware of the importance of this issue for Lebanon and I have once again to reassure you that our authorities are sparing no efforts to attain the desired result.

Before concluding, allow me to address briefly in Turkish to the Turkish community present here:

Sevgili Yurttaşlarım, Değerli Soydaşlarım,
Türkiye’nin en büyük bayramı olan Cumhuriyet Bayramınızı yürekten kutluyorum. Barış ve refah içinde nice bayramlara ulaşmanızı diliyorum. Şahsım ve eşim adına bir bayramı daha sizlerle birlikte kutlamaktan büyük mutluluk duyduğumuzu vurgulamak isterim.

Sizler, Lübnan toplumunun önemli bir unsurunu ve Türkiye ile Lübnan arasındaki ilişkilerin en güçlü halkasını oluşturmaktasınız. Bu ülkenin istikrar ve kalkınması yönünde göstermekte olduğunuz çabaları takdir ve memnuniyetle izlemekteyiz.
Sizlerin, Lübnan toplumunun saygın bireyleri olarak, artan bir dayanışma ve işbirliği içinde bulunmanızın ve Lübnan’ın toplumsal, ekonomik ve kültürel yaşamına katkılar sağlamanızın büyük önem taşıdığını düşünüyoruz.

To conclude, let me thank once again the Lebanese authorities and the Lebanese people for hosting us in their beautiful country and express our appreciation for the cooperation and close friendship they extend to us.

Thank you very much once again for being with us on this very special day.

Hakan Çakıl Ambassador
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