Speech Of H.e. Ambassador Çağatay Erciyes On The Occasion Of The Republic Day

Beyrut Büyükelçiliği 29.10.2015
I am delighted and honored to welcome all of you to our national day.
Before making my own speech, I would like to read out the message of the President
of the Republic of Turkey, H.E. Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, sent to us on the occasion of our
Republic Day:
‘’Today is the ninety second anniversary of the foundation of the Republic of Turkey, which
was proclaimed after our victorious National War of Independence. I would like to
congratulate the Republic Day of all our citizens, living in all eighty one provinces of Turkey,
Lebanon and all across the world.
Today we share as one nation the joy of this anniversary. Our Republic’s 92 years old history
is a testament to our nation’s capacity to stand up against the most difficult challenges. This
gives us hope for our future. 92 years ago, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder and the first
President of our Republic set a target for our nation. That was ‘’to reach above the level of
contemporary civilization’’.We shall continue our efforts to reach this target with the same
excitement, belief and enthusiasm of the first days of our Republic.
Today, the Republic of Turkey is a source of hope not only for its own citizens, kinsman and
brotherly communities, but also for all the victims of oppression in our region and around the
world. The recent attacks to our unity, solidarity and brotherhood were indeed targeting the
great achievements of our Republic. Yet, we shall continue to succeed no matter what and
shall attain our 2023 goals.
It is therefore our common duty to safeguard our Republic and exert every effort for its future.
Each and every one of us is an equal citizen of our Republic, having the same rights and
sharing a common past and future. Anyone attempting to discriminate our citizens by their
roots, beliefs, sects, culture or outfit will betray the very spirit and essence of our Republic.
In recent years, we have acted together in crafting a new development era for our country,
just like the first years of our Republic. In future, we should maintain this momentum and
build upon it. It is my heartfelt belief that we will commemorate the centennial of our
Republic with even more great achievements, having fulfilled our 2013 objectives.
Finally, I would like to pay tribute with gratitude to all our war veterans and fallen soldiers,
first and foremost to the founding father of our Republic, Ghazi Mustafa Kemal, who
has made us a homeland out of this land. Happy 29 October Republic Day!
Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN,
President of the Republic of Turkey"
Dear Friends, Distinguished Guests,
Now allow me to say a few words of my own.
As the new Turkish Ambassador who has been in Beirut for few weeks, I am already truly
impressed by this beautiful country and its great people.It takes no time for me to notice that
Lebanon is a shining example of peaceful co-existence of different cultures, religions and
As such, Lebanon is indeed beacon of pluralism, beacon of social, cultural and
religious diversity in the Levant. In fact, that is exactly what we need now for our region and
beyond. So I believe, Lebanon’s success will be the success of the whole region especially at
this point in time in the Middle East.
Today we all feel the human tragedy and the negative consequences of the conflict in
Syria. Like Turkey, Lebanon represents the conscience of humanity by sheltering more than 1
million Syrian refuges. This is a tremendous challenge which definitely requires more
international assistance and burden sharing.
As a country hosting more than 2 million refugees, Turkey fully supports you and
commends your generosity and hospitality towards your Syrian neighbors. Yet it is not only
refugees. Conflict in Syria poses also serious security threats and risks to Lebanon.
In this respect I wish to commend the Lebanese Armed Forces and other Security
Institutions in their fight against terrorism and in securing the borders of Lebanon. They are
doing a great job which Turkey will continue to support.In parallel to that, I also want to
express my Government’s hope that the current domestic political issues in Lebanon will be
resolved without further due.
Dear Friends, Distinguished Guests,
Let me finish my speech by saying few words about our bilateral relations. Turkey and
Lebanon, as friendly and brotherly countries are bound by common history, geography and
culture. We therefore consider Lebanon’s stability, security and prosperity no different than
With this understanding, Turkey will continue to support Lebanon and further
strengthen its bilateral relations in every field. Politically, socially, culturally, economically,
commercially and militarily.
As the Turkish Embassy in Beirut we will spare no effort to this end together with our
Commercial Center, our Cultural Center Yunus Emre and our development Agency TIKA.
Before concluding my remarks, I would like to address briefly to my fellow compatriots in
Turkish who are present here:
Lübnan’daki Türk Toplumunun değerli üyeleri, Kıymetli vatandaşlarımız, Sevgili Türkmen
kardeşlerimiz,Cumhuriyetimizin kuruluşunun 92. yıldönümünü sizlerle birlikte ilk defa
Lübnan’da kutlamaktan büyük bir gurur ve mutluluk duyuyorum.Cumhuriyet
Bayramınızı en içten dileklerimle kutluyorum. Bize bu büyük günü armağan eden,
Cumhuriyetimizin kurucusu büyük önder Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’ü, silah arkadaşlarını ve
tüm şehitlerimizi bu vesileyle rahment ve minnetle anıyorum.Cumhuriyetimizin daha büyük
başarılarla daha nice yıldönümleri kutlayacağı inancıyla hepinize saygı ve sevgiyle
Let me conclude my words by expressing our gratitude to the Lebanese Authorities
and the Lebanese people who extend us a great hospitality in their beautiful country. I
remind you all once again that my country is a true friend of Lebanon. Long live Turkey,
Long Live Lebanon.


Ali Barış Ulusoy Ambassador
Monday - Friday

09:00 - 16:00 / Kon. 09:00 - 14:00

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