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ambassador Çağatay Ercİyes

Mr. Çağatay Erciyes is a career diplomat and   has been serving as the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Lebanon since 15 September 2015. Prior to his appointment to Beirut, Ambassador . Erciyes has held a range of positions in the Turkish Foreign Ministry.

2015-2012            Ambassador – Permanent Representative of Turkey to UN International

                             Civil Aviation Organization – Montreal, Canada 

2009-2012           Deputy Director General for Maritime and Aviation Affairs, Ankara.

2008-2004           First Counselor Permanent Mission of Turkey   to the United Nations, New York.

2004-2002           Chief of Section at the Maritime Affairs Department, Ankara.  

2002-2000           Counselor, Turkish Embassy in Athens, Greece.

2000-1998           First Secretary Permanent Mission of Turkey   to  NATO, Brussels, Belgium.

1998-1996           First Secretary, Maritime Affairs Department, Ankara.

1996-1994           Second Secretary, Turkish Embassy in Lisbon, Portugal.

1994-1991           Third Secretary, Turkish Embassy in Tirana, Albania.

1991-1988           Attaché, Department of Cyprus and Greece, Ankara

Ambassador Erciyes represented Turkey in many UN, IMO, ICAO, NATO and other international meetings on a wide range of topics including disarmament, peacekeeping, crisis management, safety and security, law of the sea and air law.   Ambassador Erciyes is also member of the negotiation team of the Turkish Foreign Ministry for delimitation and sovereignty issues.

Born in 1966, Ambassador Erciyes is a graduate of TED Ankara College-Ankara (1984), Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University (1988) and Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy (2002). He is married and has one child.

His personal interests include sailing, scuba diving, underwater archeology and photography. He featured a number of underwater photo exhibitions, the last of which was held in New York at the UN Headquarters in 2008 entitled “Colors of Oceans through a Diplomat's Lens".